We want to set your heart aflame. Not the planet.

We love your love, but we can’t cheat on the planet. We’re not saying we’re perfect, but we want to do our best to make sure this love story has a happy ending for everyone involved. Here’s how:

One-stop shipping
We refuse to ping-pong our posters between printers and warehouses on different continents. Instead, all the magic happens right here in Sweden. The only major transportation haul is from our headquarters to your wall.

Made to order
Pre-printing seems unnecessary. We’d rather print each poster on demand to make sure no material goes to waste. Your Wallbaby’s made for you – and you only!

We’re proud users of the paper known as the most climate friendly paper in the world! It’s made from Swedish trees using renewable energy. Wanna know more? Read all about it here!

Plastic vs. glass
Weirdly, glass generates more plastic waste than plexiglass through its packaging. And we think recycled plexiglass on your walls makes more sense than more single-use plastic floating in the ocean. So, plexiglass it is.

Water based ink
Regular ink has some icky stuff in it which is bad for the environment. Water based ink has all of the good stuff but none of the grimy bad stuff. So that decision was a no-brainer.

The people who make our frames are FSC-certified, which means they use responsibly managed forests. Part of the materials are also recycled and made with absolutely zero, zip, zilch harmful chemicals.

What else can we do? Let’s talk about it.

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