Collage Malage


Alyona is an artist based in Amsterdam.

Her art, born from an imaginative desire, masterfully combines the most disparate elements – plants and 70s costumes, birds and vintage tape recorders, armadillos and renaissance dresses.

She finds inspiration in ceremonial portraits of the Northern Renaissance and Dutch Golden Age masters, merging their naturalistic details with whimsical elements like fancy frill collars and lace sleeves. This harmonious blend is captured with muted yet Renaissance-like colors.

Her collage work is rooted in personal experiences and tangible objects, not internet images. Treasures discovered in museums, antique shops, and everyday life shape her creations. Her art interlaces classical European art with fond memories, crafting a whimsical world where a frog with numerous gorgers around its neck walks a dog, a dove with daisies on its head holds bread in its hand (yes, a hand), and not only a horse can have "Botticelli’s" mane of hair, but also a donkey, a giraffe and a zebra.

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