How long do I have to wait for my order to arrive?

If you’re in Sweden, usually you’ll have it in your arms within 3 business days. For orders headed outside of Sweden, it depends – but normally no longer than 10 business days after you sealed the deal and received an order confirmation! Speaking of order confirmations; that’s where you’ll find a more specific ETA to base you countdown on.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

*Some countries, remote cities or islands we have difficulties shipping to. Contact us if you need more information.

How much will shipping cost me?

Sweden free shipping
Europe free shipping over €69
USA free shipping over $69
UK free shipping over £59
Norway free shipping from 690 NOK
Rest of World will be calculated in checkout

*Price will be calculated in checkout depending on weight, destination and your carrier selection. Please notice - the shipping fee (for euros & dollars) is an estimated cost. It can vary depending on currency changes.

How do I know my package is ready for pick-up?

Once your package has made its way to the delivery point, you’ll receive a letter, email, or text message letting you know it’s waiting for you.

Make sure not to keep your package waiting, pick it up before the designated last date to avoid missing it. Stood up orders will be sent back, leaving after it a fee of 180 SEK. If you’ve chosen to have your package brought all the way to your door, make sure you’re available to welcome it home!

Did I hear you guys mention an order confirmation? Because I haven’t gotten one.

That’s super weird. Contact our customer support and we’ll investigate!

Possible explanations:

  • Your fingers slipped when you were typing in your email address and the order confirmation got sent to the wrong address. If so, our customer support can fix it easily!

  • The email has somehow ended up in your junk mail. Better double check just in case!

  • There was a bug in the system and your order didn’t go through. That is all our bad! Our customer support will help you settle it and make sure the bug gets fixed.

I have trust issues and would like to track my package; how do I do that?

No worries, this is a judgement free zone – we got you. To track your package, just click on the tracking link in the order confirmation.

What happens if I forget to pick up my order from the pick-up point?

Stood up orders will be sent back to our home base and we'll have to hit you with an admin fee of 180 SEK to cover shipping and handling. So let's try to avoid that!

I haven’t gotten my order yet. 🎵 Tell me why? 🎵

🎵 Aint nothing but a heaaaartache. 🎵 Sorry, we should stick to the subject.

Here are a couple of possible explanations as to why your order hasn’t arrived:

  • You accidentally gave the wrong phone number so our shipping partner can’t notify you.

  • You accidentally gave the wrong address, so the order has ended up in shipping limbo.

  • The package has been held up somewhere and is taking a bit longer to deliver – but it’s still on its way!

Either way, reaching out to our customer support is probably a good idea.

My package has been damaged on the way over, what do I do?

Contact us right away. Send us a message with your order number and pictures of the damaged products and its package.

I’m not ready for a long-term relationship, how do I return my order?

No judgement, no problem! If it's all in one piece, it's doable. You have 14 days from the day you received your shipment to safety wrap it up in its original packaging and send it our way. For more information about the reimbursement read more in our Terms & Conditions.

How much does the return cost?

To see the return fee's, please click here.

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