New artist

Marion Livran

Tell us a little about yourself! 
I am a female artist of 37 years old living in Paris, I paint, engrave, carve different matters.

Describe your art in 3 words! 
Sensitive, sensual, poetic.

Describe a typical day in your life! 
I walk with my dog, listen podcasts about art or life, and I go to the studio near from my place. I listen electronic  music and I look any inspiration in my archives, I draw and I paint or grave from 10h to 18h. Some day I give art therapy classes in association or creation classes in my studio. And often, I go in museums or galleries to see others artists. I walk in paris a lot, take coffee and chill sometimes with a book at a coffee.

What's the one interior piece you would save if your house was on fire?
My dog! And my phone the rest is not necessary..

What’s your go-to gift to bring to a house warming party?
A gift handmade, a painting or a drawing.

"I draw and I paint or grave from 10h to 18h"

When do you feel the most creative? 
The morning.

What's your best place on earth?
My studio.

I dance to…
All kind of music.

I laugh to… 
Memes about animals.

I love when people...
Are genuine. 

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