Interview with Embla & Eric behind

Nektar Mat & Vin

Embla Brorsson and Eric Seger, the duo behind Nektar – a culinary gem on Rörstrandsgatan in Vasastan, Stockholm. They share a passion for food and wine. Get to know them as they talk about their love for the kitchen, sources of inspiration, and Nektar's flavorful adventures.

Tell us a bit about yourselves! Who are you?
We're a couple who live for food and drinks, and right now, we have the opportunity to do that through Nektar. We met at a restaurant 8 years ago and have since traveled together, working at fun and great restaurants until one day we got the chance to open Nektar.

Tell us about your careers in cooking and your interest in wine! When did it all begin?
Eric: For me, it started early, but I can't recall exactly when or why. I always knew I wanted to either be a hockey pro or a chef, and when one dream seemed impossibly distant, I went full force into the other. My interest has only grown and expanded since then. It's a profession where you can never stop learning, and I think that's what allows you to work in it for a lifetime without getting tired. My interest in wine grew, especially when I started appreciating simpler, more frequent dinners out. It seemed fun to have something good in the glass.

"Come and eat something. We have more than just good wines!"

How did you decide to start a restaurant together?
Eric: We always talked about doing it, but it was somewhat a coincidence that it happened in this location at that time. I was working in the space at Lillebrors and was involved in moving the bakery. At that time, I talked a lot with the bakery owner about the old space, and the plan was to do something together with him for a while. But later on, it turned into Embla and me being able to do our thing fully.
Embla: It was never really part of the plan for the restaurant to be in the city. If we hadn't gotten the opportunity with this location, we probably would have opened something small in the countryside, maybe a B&B. Maybe in the future.

What type of cuisine do you have on the menu?
We prepare food that's heavily inspired by southern Europe but with local ingredients, which always results in our unique interpretation. We're also open to incorporating flavor influences from other parts of the world from time to time. We enjoy cooking food that can be shared at the table and with a lot of vegetables on the plates.

Do you have a signature dish?
Boudin noir, our stuffed blood sausage with moustarda. It's the only dish we always have on the menu.

What's the most enjoyable aspect of working in the restaurant industry?
Getting in touch with all the producers who supply our ingredients and meeting the guests, seeing how you can make someone's evening memorable through food and service.

Eric, describe Embla in three words.
Happy, professional, social.

Embla, describe Eric in three words.
Fun, creative, taste-driven.

What do you cook at home?
Embla: At home, we often have themed dinners to keep the inspiration flowing and to try out new recipes!
Eric: To be honest, it's often leftovers or sandwiches, but themed dinners are a nice addition.

Where did you find inspiration for Nektar's interior?
Mostly through other restaurants we've been to and liked the interior. But it was probably only when we decided to open that we really started thinking about what we actually liked, and it was then we began collecting inspiration.

If you were to describe your restaurant with a song, what would it be?
Cannelloni Makaroni by Lasse Holm.

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