New artist


Tell us a little about yourself! 
I’m an artist and designer working.

Describe a day in your life! 
I start my day with a long walk with my dog. He’s a super happy and energetic Jack Russel terrier that likes to sleep a little longer in the morning. Most of the time I first have to carry him outside as between walking and sleeping he would never choose walking. When we get back home I have a quick breakfast. Recently my wife discovered a delicious chocolate banana avocado pudding recipe. It's a sweet and delicious meal that keeps you full for a very long time. Highly recommend it, give it a try! Now it’s time to do some work at the home studio. Usually it’s a good idea to start with more urgent or complex tasks. Today art and design work half of the time is related to management and marketing, writing emails, social media, etc. This isn’t easy and I prefer to do it before jumping to any other work. After a lunch break I would start working on my projects, sketching new ideas or finalizing something in progress. It’s easy to get lost in the process and I can often find myself working late in the evening interrupted by my dog wanting to go outside. To be honest I love the creative process and it’s a form of meditation for me. It can be monotonous and time consuming but I don’t notice hours passing by.

Describe your art in 3 words!
Vibrant, positive, fictitious

When do you feel the most creative?
Late night when it’s time to sleep

"If it's a party, I will be there with incredibly delicious food."

What's the one interior piece you would save if your house was on fire? 
Recently my wife purchased a super comfy white pouffe for her studio that I find unbelievably cozy. It’s so comfortable for drawing on an iPad or even working on a laptop. One of the greatest purchases this year. Love it.

What's your biggest source of inspiration, do you have role model?
The biggest source of my inspiration is constantly changing. Previously I was inspired a lot by fashion and footwear, popular cultural events but the most significant part of my artworks that’s never changing is based on personal stories and childhood memories. For example, summer was and still is the most significant time of the year since I was a kid and it’s the main theme of my latest series of works for Wallbaby.

What’s your go-to gift to bring to a house warming party? 
In my family we are big fans of delicious food of all kinds. We cook together and we eat together. Also I have lived in 7 countries so far and have developed a deep love for various cuisines. If it’s a party I will be there with incredibly delicious food.

What are you doing in ten years?
I’m a world famous artist living with my family in a beach house with a huge artist studio, a dog, a pig and a horse.

What's your best place on earth?
As long as I’m with my family I’m at the best place.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can swim very well but at the same time I’m afraid of open water. Also I can cook a delicious lasagna.

I take photos when I'm...
seeing something funny. I have a lot of photos of my dog, he is very cute and funny.

I dance to…
celebrate something.

I love when people...
are honest and free.

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