Discover a blooming collection of botanical posters by some of the most interesting contemporary artists. Wallbaby presents The Botanical Prints Collection.

Botanical prints season
It’s botanical art prints season! Yep – floral wall art was made for cold winter days when the sun never seems to come up. The secret to surviving the winter season? Act out your inner gardener and decorate your walls with botanical posters while waiting for spring. No need for green fingers, even your dog can keep these flowers alive.

Decorate your house with flowers in bloom. Botanical art print ‘Misery Loves Company’ by Sofie Sund

When choosing posters, listen to your inner gardener. Large botanical print ‘Poppies Popping' by TJ McGrath

Choose your botanical art prints
First things first: We’re probably the best poster company in the world, and we’re madly in love with flowers. That’s a great marriage. We love large botanical prints, modern floral wall art and everything in between. One flower is lovely, but let’s face it: the more the merrier. 

 When choosing posters, listen to your inner gardener. Big fan of Dahlia? Dahlia it is then. Fancy Tulips? You know the drill. Choose whether the bouquet should be a mix of different kinds of flowers or if you wanna go all-in for Persian Buttercups (go all-in for Persian Buttercups is actually a great motto to live by). 

And one last thing: Don’t be afraid of wild mixes! 

Celebrate botanical art prints season with ‘Daffodils’ by Skevoulla Gordon

Tulip in eternal bloom. Botanical print Feels like Grace Kelly’ by Robin Berglund

Walls in bloom  
When decisions have been made, the time has come for the poster decoration part. Ignore that Scandinavian minimalist interior trend and add up. Be a maximalist. Your walls are screaming: botanical botanical botanical. And you, you should listen. Let flowers grow from every single corner of your home, and in a jiffy, spring will arrive.

Happy botanical art prints season! 

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